Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The 10 Spot

Little Hickory Island Beach Park, more affectionately known as "the 10 spot", is the 10th and last free beach access as you travel north on Little Hickory Blvd from Bonita Springs towards Ft Myers Beach. Its easy to miss since it sits in the fork of the road as you leave the island and head over the Estero Bay Bridge.

The best parking is across the street from the beach in Beach Park North. It offers free parking with plenty of spaces, covered picnic tables and grills.

If you prefer to park closer to the beach, and don't mind the small hourly fee, park on the beach side. Here you will find bathrooms, showers, and more picnic tables.

My beloved 10 spot~

I discovered this little jewel of a beach last spring. Two rock jetties surround crystal blue water creating a lagoon like setting with native sea oats...

...and dune sunflowers as a backdrop.

And if you are lucky, you'll get to see one of the gopher tortoises that make their homes here. After frolicking in the "lagoon" and climbing around the rocks, follow the trail up over the hill and there....
you will find...

....a sheller's paradise!
 Just watch the video and see if you dont agree!

With so many wonderful shells, you can see why any sheller would love this beach. But even if I never found another shell there, this would still be a favorite of mine for its sheer beauty. With its rocky outcrops, crystal clear water, flocks of birds and pristine white beaches, it is the pure definition of paradise. I have tried to capture the awesome beauty of this beach~Enjoy!


  1. I'll never forget how I found the 10-spot. You had eluded to it in a post on the iLS blog. I google-earthed the area and found the tennis courts. My nieces & I had the best shelling day evah! It is one of my favorite stops on my shelling road show now.

  2. That is awesome!! It really is a special place~

  3. Ofcourse you know I have yet to experience this beautiful 10 spot but thanks to your blog I can get another taste of it. I so hope to visit it soon.Your video & photos are beautiful,thank you for sharing,it really does help with the cravings I have :)